Powerflex Anti Roll Bar Bush 20mm

300 Series Anti Roll Bar Bush 20mm

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A - Hole ID: 20mm

B - Body OD: 25.9mm

C - L Lip OD: 31.5mm

D - L Face OD: 30.8mm

E - R Lip OD: 33.6mm

G - Body: 22mm

H - L Lip: 3mm

I - R Lip: 3mm

L - Overall: 27.9mm

Each pack contains 2 PU Bushes.

Powerflex's special polyurethane is an advanced material with unique properties. Upgrade your car with high performance bushings, bushings that won't cause vibration or noise and include a Lifetime Warranty!

Why Powerflex Bushes?:
  • Increased Tyre Life
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Safety
  • Lifetime Warranty