Volvo XC60 Powerflex Rear Subframe Front Bush Inserts

Rear Subframe Front Bush Inserts



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To fit Volvo XC60 (09 Onwards)

Diagram Reference #20

These parts fit OEM part number 6G91-5K817-FCB, 31329225, 31277272 as inserts.

OEM Part Number: 6G91-5K817-FCB

OEM Part Number: 31329225

OEM Part Number: 31277272

Powerflex's special polyurethane is an advanced material with unique properties. Upgrade your Volvo ~ XC60 (09 Onwards) with high performance bushings, bushings that won't cause vibration or noise and include a Lifetime Warranty!

Why Powerflex Bushes?:
  • Increased Tyre Life
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Safety
  • Lifetime Warranty

PFR19-1920 Rear Subframe Front Bush Inserts are an easy solution to reducing excessive rear subframe movement. Both come supplied with a subframe alignment insert.